Monday, September 22, 2008

Bad Relationships With Our Children

This will be a short post but this is a topic I saw on another forum and wanted to address it on this blog.

TOPIC IS: Parents who resent their kids and act horribly to them because they feel they missed out on their own lives.....blah, blah, blah.


Life expectancy is pretty up there these days. Ladies can have babies well into their thirties and forties. Men can impregnante their mate well into their sixties or seventies.

So, why oh why, are people having children when they are teenagers and early-20s??

Go live your lives, people! Go experience something that is yours and only yours. Go live someplace exotic for a summer....get your degree....backpack around Europe....take up SOMETHING REAL and WEAR A CONDOM when you screw.

I do not understand this phenomenon and I think it is completely detrimental to our society. This entire crop of teenage and young-adult parents that have no idea what being an independant adult means, let alone a parent. You have to be 21 to have to have a license to drive but anyone who wants can pop out a kid whenever it suits them.

I want every young person who ever reads this to listen to me, now, because you will wish you had if you decide to knock up your girlfriend because it seemed like a cool and adult thing to do at the time.

Wait to have your kids and wait to marry. Wait so that you know who you actually are when you have these relationships because I really don't think a 17 year old or even a 22 year old knows who they are, yet. Get to know who you are. Fall in love with yourself and with who you want to be. Because if you don' know who you are and if you don' love and respect can you expect to have spouse that will and how can you expect to properly raise a totally dependant baby?

Have kids when you are too young and you'll regret all the experiences you missed out on. If you are in need of unconditional love, go work at an animal shelter.......because the baby you want isn't going to give YOU unconditional love, it is going to require that from you. Parenting begins with being selfless...NOT selfish. It is hard work, it is not an easy thing. You are not emotionally or financially able to take care of your children if you are this young! (And, no, it isn' cool to move back in with mom and dad so they can support you......they already raised their kids (poorly?))

Grow up and practice birth control the babies for later on in life.

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