Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I'm just a southern girl. A hick? A dumb broad? A ditzy bitch? Nah....just a mom with a college education that has the ability to think and see beyond all the BS that gets crammed down our throats day in and day out. I grew up in conservative dad is a politician. Nothing huge, but he taught me to think for myself, speak for myself and to remember the other people that are affected by my actions. He taught me that winning something by cheating and playing dirty is worse than losing with honor. Those lessons stuck, I think. I would like to think so, anyway.

I call myself a republican but that is just a habit. I don't really belong in any pigeon hole (neither do you, by the way). I am financially conservative but relatively liberal when it comes to social issues. I am working class, all the way. I'd love to be wealthy one day but am realistic about the odds. I work hard being a stay at home mom (to five kids) with a web business on the side. I enjoy raising my children with the good southern values that were instilled in me. I am devastated by what my kids DON'T learn in school and by what they are learning from the TV. I am saddened by the amount of middle class children left to their own devices day after day....while mom and dad grind out their long hours so the whole family can afford that high definition big screen and ignore each other on Friday Movie and Pizza Nights ( time!!).

I see the way things are being done by the MEN in Washington and I am not impressed. I have watched and waited for change. It is not happening. I can't imagine that anyone would say that it was. They campaign with bogus promises (that anyone still able to resuscitate the left side of their brain would realize were impossible). Their campaigns are funded by greedy corporations that only care about making money, screw the issues (which is why we are on the brink of an economic crisis, thank you very much!).

What is happening, though, is a loss of everything this country is about. We have become sheep...passive little sheep taking whatever story comes down the wire as the gospel truth. We have become convinced by prime time TV that we can have everything we want and make only five figures a year. We have borrowed and borrowed and borrowed to the point where there is no light of day underneath all the debt.

As a whole, we ignore our children because chasing that dollar is more important. We ignore our spouses because we are already married and shouldn't have to put any additional work into it. We cheat on each other, we cheat our children and we try to cheat the system at every possible opportunity.

Common sense is gone. Replaced by greed and entitlement and selfishness and isolationism. We live lonely lives and we have completely forgotten how to relate and how to think and how to ACT. We have rights in this country and one of them is voting. Most of us don't even bother to turn out to the polls and those that do pull the good 'ole party lever because we always have. We can't even take the time to find out what the issues are.

We have representatives in DC that are there to represent US. But we don't let our voices cry out to that representative. Heck, most of us can't even say who that representative is. We just lie there and let the world roll over us.

GREED has corrupted everything that was once good about our political system. And our political system is run by men who are so quick to take the bribe, the incentive, the handout.

Men go into politics because it is powerful....and they campaign on a platform of reform and change that will never happen by their hand. Women go into politics to better their community, state or country. That is the truth. Sorry, guys.

Women are able to empathize and that is, maybe, what we have to start doing, politically. Women are able to prioritize....they know that parent teacher conferences are more important than the "big game". Women are able to multi-task....when was the last time you saw a man cook dinner, talk on the phone, compose next week's grocery list and spot-check little Jimmy's homework....all at the same time?

There are so many topics I am itching to cover here. The middle east, the welfare system, education, marriage, gay rights, spending habits and the perpetual state of apathy that we have allowed ourselves to settle in to. These are our lives....and we are throwing them away by chasing impossible standards that were put there to keep our eyes OFF the prize. We don't get this time back and the things we do in this life matter. They do, they really really do.

Men have been in power since the beginning of this great nation and, frankly, they have left behind some pretty big messes. I am looking forward to the age of feminine perspectives on the national level. You had your chance, men, and now it is time to let the women come in and clean it all up after you. (Now go be a good man and play your World of women have some work to do).

So this is a call to all the women out there. The ladies. Take off the power suit and wear what you are most comfortable in. Learn what you can about the issues and take some time to really think about them. Read a book that will educate you on an important issue. Stop taking what they give you....and start working to get back what you need, what your family needs, what your community needs. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first blog!

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